The One on One Experience

We know there are a LOT of Information Technology firms out there - and they all have their own unique approach to providing services to their customers.  Some are extremely efficient, and with many years of experience have refined their approach, while others provide a process that might feel downright schizophrenic or all over the map.

The most significant complaint many of our current customers expressed when discussing firms they've received services from in the past, is the random technician problem.  When you call your current provider, do you know who's coming to fix your problem?  Is it Jeff from last month, Bill who came in January, or will it be someone you've never met before?  More importantly do these three individuals possess tools and acumen to facilitate a complete and accurate knowledge transfer of the nuances of your specific technical environment to ensure timely resolution of your issues?

A hallmark of our approach is The One on One Experience.  While a backup technician is always an available, viable option during time-critical incident response, we build our services on a One on One relationship between client/customer and technician so you receive services from the same friendly face who is also intimately acquainted with your technology and it's specific functions and configurations.  1 On 1 Security makes use of a host of best-of-breed software to document the most important aspects of your environment, providing "living documentation" that can in a crunch facilitate that all important knowledge transfer.