Four Ways To Protect Yourself While Christmas Shopping

The Christmas shopping season is upon us, and that means that we need to be careful to practice Active Self Protection while out among the crowds at the stores. You’ve got to protect yourself while Christmas shopping, because no one else will! So how do you enjoy the holidays, cover your ASP, and not get burned out?

1. Keep the main thing, the main thing

2. Avoid stupid fights

3. A crowd requires a change in mindset

4. Transitional Spaces Are Danger Zones

"Transitional spaces are those spots where you go from one environment to another. The first transitional space you worry about is the parking lot. When you’re getting out of the car you’re grabbing valuables and thinking about the store, not your safety! The next transitional space is the entrance, where you’re forced into a particular route and often slowed down. The next transitional space is the register, where you’ll have your wallet out. You’ve got to navigate the door and the parking lot on your way out, too, and the baddies know you’ve got valuable merchandise on you as you do."