The 5 Most Frightful Viruses Terrorizing Computer Users Everywhere

An anagram of Facebook, this creepy worm will spread through social networking and link infected computers, turning them into a zombie botnet. This ghoulish worm will steal sensitive data (mmm braaaaaains), inject adware, bewitch web browsers to redirect to evil malicious sites and more. It will also try to kidnap your FTP and other website credentials and inject your websites with malware in attempts to terrorize any potential customers and visitors. Mostly transmitted via Facebook, this virus could have devastating consequences if unleashed on a business network.


This terrorizing Trojan will possess the computer, and enchant it into sending out data to other sinister locations. Targeting business and government systems in the middle east and Asia, this ghastly ghoul is able to detect mouse clicks by a human, and once its prey is detected, it is able to execute more malicious mischief.  In addition to plaguing the machine with malware, it will also curse the computer by creating a backdoor that will allow it to séance with other computers and transmit sensitive data that can create data breaches that would be as frightening as your worst nightmares!


The data thirsty Trojan opens a backdoor on the users computer and will suck the information right out of it. This menacing malware targets the Israeli government, and, when first discovered, this threat was considered so terrifying that the government temporarily cut off all internet and USB stick usage. Transmitted via email phishing scam, it tries to enchant the user with a headline along the lines of “NASA Mars Found Alien Footprint,” which contains an attached zip file of the so-called report. This fiendish file contains malware aiming at possessing the computer, and if it gets infected, it will conjure up a backdoor that will then send the user’s personal information to a remote location. Upon further investigation, this trojan was linked to the “Gaza Hackers Team’ and the operation was then referred to as Molerats. This operation was a yearlong reign of terror was also discovered to be targeting the Palestinian, US and UK governments.


The wicked Weevil Trojan will abduct personal data by logging keystrokes. Linked to “The Mask” cyberespionage group and targeting mainly Europe and Asia, this trojan will invoke a backdoor in the computer that will allow the group to access the computer and infest it with more malware. This malware will allow these menaces to inject surveillance tools, with the ability to install network sniffing and activity monitoring, inject rootkits, intercept Skype conversations, log keystrokes, and even take screen captures. It can also collect encryption keys and VPN configurations. The Mask group targets users with spear phishing emails that contain links impersonating popular Spanish newspapers that redirect to websites hosting exploit kits for Java, Adobe Flash, and malicious browser extensions. These exploit kits will then abduct data by seeking out word documents, excel files, PDFs, mobile backups and email archives. More than 1,000 IP addresses fell victim to this scam.


This torturous Trojan ransomware once infected, will encrypt the computer’s hard drive and display a ransom countdown timer message stating that in order to exhume their files, they will need to pay a predetermined amount of money, usually via bitcoin or other anonymous forms of cryptocurrency. If the user fails to pay, their files will vanish forever. The best bewitchment against this beast is to regularly backup your files. In 2013, the Massachusetts Police Department admitted to becoming a victim to this scam and paid the ransom to unlock their networked drives.

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